The AntiDJ went down to Georgia…

It’s been a long time since I published something here.  I just sort of got out of the writing habit.  I also suspect that I haven’t been doing much stuff that has been interesting over the last eight months or so, which means there hasn’t been much to write.

At any rate, there is now.  I have accepted a job at a large public university in Georgia, and will be moving there on March 12.  I’ll be living about 45 minutes northwest of Savannah.  While I’ve already announced this in other not-fully-public forums, I have yet to put something out on the inter-web in a fully open manner.

Basically, the job is the next step up from the one that I currently do.  I’ll be supervising a few people who work as Resident Directors, and will be doing some other stuff, too.  The area is nice, and the school has a really good ‘vibe’ to it, but it is a little bit in the middle of nowhere.  This isn’t terrible, but it will be an adjustment from living in Oakland.

This is something that is both exciting and neat, but also sad and a bit scary, too.  I really like living in Pittsburgh, and I suspect that it will always be a target area for me in future job hunts.  Right now, however, there just doesn’t appear to be any ‘next step’ positions for me here.

2 Responses to “The AntiDJ went down to Georgia…”

  1. BrainMc Says:

    You’ll have to make a trip up to Atlanta and hang with the other bloggers. If I still have my bike, we can meet somewhere halfway and do some riding. Let me know.

  2. The AntiDJ Says:

    Trip to Atlanta? Totally easy, especially given my desire to take long trips on the bike. I’m very interested in meeting up for a ride… are you planning on getting rid of your bike, though?

    Also, the job hunt, and the opening of legal poker rooms within driving distance of Pittsburgh (oooh so kind to me) has limited my online poker time, and my writing time. When I move, though, I’m likely to get online a lot more. We’ll see about getting the Monkey back on track if folks are interested, too. Maybe I’ll even get some dollars into Full Tilt.

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