It’s been a crazy couple of weeks in AntiDJ land, mostly of the good sort.

Tomorrow I’m heading up to CT for an extended weekend. The original plan was to ride my pretty pretty blue friend on up to the homeland, but I decided against it.  The forecast is calling for rain all week long.  Now, I wouldn’t have minded rain on either the ride up or back, as that’s what rain gear is for, but it’s also just going to be rainy for the whole trip.  Given I don’t have any indoor parking for the bike in CT, and it wouldn’t really be great riding weather on any of my days up there, making this a bike trip just really doesn’t make sense.  I’m disappointed.

I should get a chance to see some folks though, and I’m scheduled for a trip to Foxwoods on Friday.  Hopefully I can reverse my horrible trend from Vegas at the tables when I’m back in my own neck of the woods.

Also, I finally saw the Transformers movie, and it was Good.  Like, as in God looking upon his creation and it was Good kind of Good.

Ok, I’m done now.

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