The AntiDJ’s egotistical self-portrayal

I started my DJ career in 1998 at WHUS Radio, the college radio station at the University of Connecticut. I hosted a radio show that I called “The Industry Standard” which ran in some incarnation from 1998 until Feburary of 2002. WHUS is where I met Mr. DJ Skygod, who has spun as a resident with me at both Bound Hartford and Flux. Hosting a radio show did wonders for my knowledge of music, and kept me exposed to the newest material that was coming out. After a few years at the radio station, I began to be interested in trying the DJ thing in a club environment, so I bought some DJ equipment, learned how to use it, and started doing a few guest DJ spots in the area.

In Feburary of 2001, I was asked to join the crew of Flux, which was replacing The Dark Carnival at the Gotham Citi Cafe in New Haven. In August of 2001, I took over Bound Hartford when its original parents DJs Damzelfly and Cypher moved away. Throughout my time as a club DJ I have spun at shows with Bella Morte, Collapse into Reason,, Croc Shop, The Cruxshadows, Rhea’s Obsession, ThouShaltNot, as well as at the Synthpop Goes the World Festival in Toronto (which featured 15 acts including Covenant, Assemblage 23, And One, among others). I have spun guest spots in a number of cities including New York, Boston, Pittsburgh, Northampton, as well as Belfast, Northern Ireland.

In June of 2004, my career brought me to Pittsburgh after I completed my Master’s Degree in Higher Education & Student Affairs from the HESA Program at Uconn. Since that time I’ve been mainly focusing on my ‘day job’, however, I continue to make guest appearances when possible.

I spin mostly synth-driven music that has grown, in some fashion, out of the industrial music scene. I dislike genre names, but you could say that EBM, synthpop, industrial, goth, and some noise all find their way into my sets at different times.