Poker for Obama

So, in this primary race, Obama is my man.  Obama isn’t quite liberal enough for me, but I think he’s far superior to Hillary Clinton.  I’ve been watching the returns tonight, and I’m not exactly a big fan of what’s been going on.

Let me just say this.. fuck Cleveland man.  They can have their Browns, and they can have their Clinton.

Ok, now that that is out of the way…

Since I’ve likely been disenfranchised in this primary process (I won’t be a legal resident of PA when they vote, and GA has already voted), last week I did the “vote with my dollars” thing and donated to the Obama campaign.

I feel compelled to donate again, after tonight, but I’m not exactly a rich man.  I have hatched a plan, however.  I wanted to get another trip to <a href=””>Mountaineer</a> for some live action before I leave Pittsburgh.  I’m now leaning towards a trip out on Sunday afternoon-evening, and making this a Trip with a Cause.

The idea is that I will play some great poker, and donate my winnings (if they should materialize) to the Obama campaign.  I will make this public knowledge at the table.  I’ll make a shirt, or card protector or something, and talk about how my winnings to go to the campaign.

The question is, do you think this will affect people’s play against me?  Would an Obama sympathizer be more likely to fold to me if they have a marginal decision?  Will Clinton supporters or republicans play tougher against me?  Or, maybe, they’ll make less rational decisions against me, since the mere idea of what I’m doing pisses them off?  Maybe it won’t affect anyone’s play at all.  Will it affect my play at all?

I think it would be an interesting experiment.  My time left here is limited, though, and I might not be able to swing another trip out there.  If it does happen, however, you can be sure I’ll write about it here.

Man, I’m moving to Georgia in just one week.  That’s pretty fucking weird.

3 Responses to “Poker for Obama”

  1. Brian J. Parker Says:

    I always assumed that part of any “serious” poker play was to try to get your opponents to behave irrationally, and avoid letting them ruffle you. Serious players might assume this was just a ploy by you; even if an Obama supporter thought you might be legit, logically, they should try just as hard to win and then donate the winnings themself. Emphasis on “logically”… curious what reactions you’d actually get…

    Will it effect your play? Only you know. Will your decision-making become more emotional or conservative? Or maybe you will become more logical, since you plan to give up the winnings anyway?

  2. kristen Says:

    Ooooh, you suck. Hillary rules!

    But you should still tell us how your Obama poker experiment goes. 🙂

    There was an interesting editorial in the paper today about how really, the democratic race is all about which prejudice we’re going to atone for first: racism or misogyny. Basically, which one do we think is the worst. I think it’ll be racism. Beyond that, I think more people are willing to accept a black man as president than a woman. It makes me sad, because I think Hillary is the stronger, more experienced candidate, but I think Obama will get the nomination.

  3. Perry Says:

    That sounds interesting. I play a lot of poker, checkout my blog if you want.

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