An early start…

It’s 6:30 AM. I’m in my office. I’ve never seen Tower B so quiet. The lobby is empty, and the elevators are still. Right now, this place feels emptier than it was over the summer.

You might be asking yourself, “Why are you up so early, Mike?”

To which I would be forced to reply, “Up early? No, sir. I’m up late!”

See, yesterday (though it does still feel like today from my perspective) was an interesting day for me. Nothing out of the ordinary happened, its just that my head turned into a really interesting place. I’ll talk more about this later. No, I’m not on drugs.

I don’t know exactly what to pin tonight’s insomnia on, exactly. Maybe it’s the things going on in my head, which I’ll talk about shortly. Maybe it was the soda I drank with my slightly later-than-usual dinner. Maybe it’s just that there was no room for me in the land of the sleeping folks. I don’t know.

I was tired last night. I had slept poorly on Monday night, and getting up on Tuesday was no treat. I decided an early trip to bed would be a good thing. So, after my work obligations were done, I played around on the internet for a short while, and then headed to bed around 11:15 – 11:20 or so. I know that doesn’t sound like an “early to bed” night for some of you, but for me, going to sleep during the PM hours is a rare occurrence.

I dozed off quickly, but was awoken by a phone call around 11:45. 11:45 is normally an entirely reasonable time to call me. Knowing this, I should have just turned off my phone, but I did not. Anyway, after I spoke rather incoherently with the caller for about a minute, I hung up the phone, ready to head back to sleepytown.

There was no more room on the bus to sleepytown.

I tried to fall asleep for a couple of hours. Around 2, I gave up and read a bit, and tried to find sleep again at 3. After wasting 45 minutes or so laying around, I read again. At about 4:30 a very odd idea occurred to me: I should cook breakfast and start my day.

And that’s what I did. I took some time, made a real breakfast with things like eggs and toast and tea and whatnot. I read a little bit. I cleaned up the kitchen, showered, and came down here.

Normally, I would just adjust my alarm clock back and hour or two, and try to go back to sleep. I probably would have eventually succeeded. Instead, I’ll try going for today with out having logged any happy bed hours. How will this work out? Who knows? I honestly can’t remember the last time I tried something like this, but I’m pretty sure it’s been over 5 years.

I haven’t yet shared the funniest part. I’ll do that now. Wednesdays are my super long Reslife days, where I usually end up working all day until 11 PM.

If I start hallucinating, I’ll be sure to let you know.

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