Stupid Pipes…

Late last week, my new saddlebags arrived. However, my saddlebag supports (that keep the bags away from the tire and other things) had not yet arrived. I was going to wait for them to come in before I tried to fit the bags to the bike, but I decided to go ahead and see how the bags looked on the Shadow.

I’m glad I did. While my Ranger Super Slant bags were very very pretty, and probably my favorite of all of the bag designs I’ve seen, they are too tall to fit on my bike; the right hand bag cannot be mounted without hitting the exhaust. No good! Furthermore, Wille & Max do not make the Ranger bag in any smaller size…

On Friday I called the company, and they said there would be no problem with a return. I’ll take a $25 hit on shipping (18 here, and 7 back) but they’ll credit my card for the purchase price of the bags. After looking around, I ordered another set of bags from them that are smaller. Later this week, my Compact Slant Braided bags should be arriving. They’re not just going to be shorter, they will not be as wide (which is unfortunate) nor as deep. The right bag should, however, clear the exhaust. If these prove to be to big, I will totally flip out and kill.

The Compact Slant bags:

Willie & Max's Compact Slant Braided bags

Last week I also brought the bike in for its first oil change. It needed one at 600 miles on account of it being new and the break in and all of that. The service cost me $54 which kinda bothered me considering I only pay about $29 to get my car’s oil changed, and they use almost double the oil, and it takes about the same time, too. The good news is that it’s likely I’ll no longer be living on the Pitt campus the next time it’s due for a change… at 4,000 miles. Right now, she’s got 700 miles on her, and all but 5.4 of them are from me.

There’s other stuff in my life besides the motorcycle, I swear. There’s work. There’s also Poker. There are all sorts of things. I’ll write about them someday. Just you wait. You’ll see.

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