New Bags on the Way…

As I previously mentioned I wanted to find some new saddlebags for my bike, as my old Bike Master bags didn’t quite fit the bill for the Shadow. They looked ok on the dumpy old XS400, but really look bad on the new bike, as well as being slightly too large given the high exhaust on the right side of the bike.
Bike Master Bags:

bike master bags

After much searching around, I found the bags that I wanted to go with. They are the Willie and Max Ranger Super Slant Bags. Their dimensions are right for the bike, and I think they’ll look good.

Ranger Bags:

Ranger Super Slant Bags!

The next bike accessory will probaby be either freeway bars, a windshield, a tail light conversion kit , or a light bar of some sort (haven’t narrowed down manufacturers/models yet). Some of the more complicated installs, like the tail light conversion or a light bar might be best left to the off-season after I have the bike winterized and hibernating, though.

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