I hate you, Kennedy Airport

So it’s 1:30 AM on Monday morning, but this will be posted later, as
the most recent wordpress version’s post-writing page can’t be
properly displayed on my mobile browser.

I was supposed to be on the 9:35 PM flight out of JFK on JetBlue,
however, since my flight to JFK was stuck on the tarmac for an hour
and a half after landing, it became impossible for me to make the
connection.  I landed here at about 8 PM, and will be here until the
next flight to Vegas leaves at 6:55 AM.  Not exactly how I wanted the
big trip to start, but it will have to do.

My laptop battery was good for one DVD  to help pass the time, but now
is almost dead.  In another hour I’ll be able to check in and then
I’ll try to catch some sleep at the gate.

The good news is that if I can grab enough sleep between gate time and
on the plane, I won’t even have missed much effective vacation time.


Update: It’s 4:10 AM now, and I’m finally past security at the JetBlue terminal.  “Check In” opened at 2:55 AM, but they didn’t open the security line until 4.  I’m in the free wifi area, and have an outlet charging up lappy.  Shortly I’ll head over to the gate, and try that whole ‘sleeping in the airport’ thing.

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