Well I’ve been driving in the wrong gear, It’s been a long and lonely ride

So the last time I checked in, I was a little rant-y.  I go back and forth about how I feel about what I wrote and having put it up here.  For me, I think it was important to get some things out and let them come under some scrutiny from some of you, my dear readers.  I was given some helpful feedback both public and private, so I think it was helpful.  However, it doesn’t seem right to leave those words up so publicly anymore.

I guess what I would want to have out there for all to see is this:  Angela and I were together for about 14 months, and it was quite a time.  There were lots of great times, and also a couple of really bad patches in there, but all in all, it was good.  I am glad to have spent that time with her.  And while, this time around, she was the person to break it off, a couple of weeks of distance has really allowed me to see that it was right for our relationship not to continue.

I also have to acknowledge that I’m still trying to come to terms with everything, and I think it’s going to be a little while before I’m feeling completely resolved.  But the main message is that this is good, it is what needed to happen, but I’m still glad to have had all of the positive experiences with Angela that I did.

All that being said, it’s clearly the time to Get the Fuck Out of Dodge.  Luckily, I’ll be doing just that on Sunday.  I’ll be headed off to Vegas with Alan, and I’m sure that will be a blast.  And now before you leap to any conclusions, you all should know I’m not exactly ‘drug and alcohol infused bender involving strippers’ type, so there’ll be none of that.  What there will be is a whole lot of time inside of the various card rooms trying to win some cash playing some solid poker.  There will also be a trip or two to Quark’s Bar.  Oh yes, there will definitely be some Trek-tastic experiences.

I’m sure my camera will be on hand, and you know I’m not going to be able to resist sharing some notable poker hands from the trip with you (sorry, non poker folks!), so there’s sure to be word from me while I’m there.

For even more fun, I’ll be heading to my first Buc’s game of the year tomorrow with a coworker and her friend.  This is probably good for the Pirates, as they’ve never lost with me in attendance.  We’ll see if the streak holds.

As for tonight, it’s Shadyhouse poker night!  The crazy thing is that this is probably the last time I’ll play there as Jeremy and Lily are moving, which means our primary venue will move as well.  Here’s to a good night at the table!

That’s it, kids.  I need to get my bike sorted out, as I’ve decided to pedal my way around tonight… another thing I’ve been doing just too little of.

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