The New Wave: Spamless spam comments

So, someone explain this to me.

Over the last few days I’ve received a whole new wave of spam comments on the site that aren’t being caught by Akismet. Why aren’t they being caught? Because there’s nothing in them!

That’s right.. in order to beat spam filters, it seems some spammers have decided to just not put anything in the spam comments. So the comment consists of a 4 letter string listed as the game, a fake email address and the body of the comment, in its entirety is just “<a></a>”. There are no links in it, no key words, nothing that it’s advertising. It is, essentially BLANK.

So, I ask: What the hell is the point? Are these people being paid? If the purpose of spam is to increase traffic to a site or to generate sales of something, why bother making content-less spam comments?

Has the point of spam just become to get spam into e-mail boxes or onto blogs?

I don’t understand!!!!

(As a side note, if one of these empty comments makes it on to this post, I’ll just leave it here for illustration purporses)

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