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The last week has been very busy, and this week is only going to be busier. In four days I leave for the ACPA / NASPA Joint Meeting in Orlando. The main focus of things for me this time around is, as I have mentioned, the job search I’m conducting. When I last updated a week ago, I had 4 campus interviews scheduled. I now have 7 scheduled. I expect that number to increase as the week goes on, however I probably will also be putting in a few more applications.

In poker news, I took down The Wheatie last week raking in the first place prize bucks. I’m not going to go and say that this was any great feat of poker talent on my part. I was getting hit in the face by the deck, mostly on the flop and after. Like the time I flopped the nut flush and 4 other people in the hand bet like crazy. That was great. I went into the final table with a massive chip lead (about 3x the chips of the 2nd place player) and kept it for most of the time. I did manage to make a couple of big mistakes and loose the lead at one point, but I was able to get it back. Heads up play only lasted 2 hands. Anyway, I think any mostly competent player could have gone deep in the tourney if they were getting the cards I was. I’m not sure I’ll have the time to play tomorrow, but I hope I do. Next week I obviously won’t be able to play while in Orlando.

The other thing I wanted to mention in this post is about food. Specifically, really freggin’ good Indian food. Before going out to join Don and Tara for their bowling birthday party on Saturday night, Angela and I decided to go out for Indian food. We went to Taste of India on Penn Ave, near Main St. I had only been there once before, and didn’t remember much about it. On this visit, though, we experienced some of the best Indian food either of us had ever eaten in this town, the prices were very reasonable, and the staff was very nice. When Angela asked for a box to bring the remainder of her dinner home, they brought it out with fresh rice, with out even being asked to do so. Compare this to that hole India Garden that CHARGES YOU for an extra plate of rice while you’re eating in their restaurant. I asked for my food with a hotness level of 10, and while it still wasn’t hot enough for me, it’s the closest any place in this town has come yet. I’ve found my new favorite place to eat around here, I think.

The downside of the last few days has been that my dieting and exercise has suffered since Thursday. Last Wednesday was the last day I was on the trainer, and there were a few days of caloric excess in there too. Consequently, I gained weight in the last week (about a pound) for the first time since I started the get-smaller campaign on January 22. Also this week isn’t going to leave much time for the exercising, either, and it’s not going to be too easy to be calorie conscious while at the conference. I would say that I will try to use the hotel gym, however, I don’t know if I’ll actually hold myself to it.

There was also a motorcycle-related headache this weekend, but I’ll leave that for another post.

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