I love it when the food is free…

…even when the reasons don’t make sense.

This evening when I returned home from work, I put some more time in on the trainer. It’s been working out pretty well since I purchased it. I’ve been on the bike almost every day (with days off for rest, of course), mainly after work and while watching reruns of Star Trek: Voyager on Spike. I’ve now realized that the only way I can really justify watching Voyager is by exercising while doing it. It’s like a penance.

Anyway, lets get to the main matter at hand here… Free Food. After the spinning and the showering, I said to myself, “Man. I’d really like some dinner. I also don’t feel like making something with my very limited food supplies right now. Why don’t I go down to Chipotle and get a burrito?” So I did.

Upon arriving at the restaurant, I start making my order. “Veggie Burrito. Nope, no fajitia veggies. The hot salsa, please. Yes, cheese and sour cream, please. Nope, none of the guacamole. Yep, that’s it.” With that the burrito person starts wrapping the burrito.

The register clerk looks at this and says, “That’s only two sides. How do I charge that?”

I think to myself, “Two sides? It’s a burrito.. a veggie one.. charge it as that.”

“I dunno,” says the burrito maker.

The register clerk came up with a solution. “Sir, how would you like a free burrito tonight? I don’t feel right charging you full price for that burrito.”
“Great,” I say and walk away a little perplexed.

Sure, I didn’t get some of the fixin’s that come with the standard veggie burrito package. But what I ended up with still weighed almost a pound, and clocked in a 925 very tasty calories. A nice, filling dinner. Yet, these clerk folks felt like that was not enough!

It’s a little bit crazy how people are about food and portions. How was that burrito not going to be worth the money? I don’t know, but I sure enjoyed my free food.

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