I’ve done stuff today.

So far today I:

Got out of bed around 9:00 AM. (On a Saturday, shocking!!)

Walked a beagle.

Cooked an actual breakfast. I used a pan and the stove and everything.

Performed surgery on my laptop (had to take the entire thing apart to replace the touch pad and to clean out dust).

Took all of the accessories off of the Shadow. Because I then..

Washed the bike, and gave it two coats of polish.  I hadn’t washed it last since sometime in the late fall, probably.

Reassembled the bike and admired its shinyness.

Made pizza dough.

And I did all this while rocking out to a shuffle of songs on the iphone that would have made The AntiDJ circa 2002 very happy.

Later tonight there will be pizza baking, possibly a movie.

Tomorrow I may go all folksy and ride to Vidalia for the Vidalia Onion Festival. I’m not sure how great a whole festival planned around the might sweet onion will be, but I live in fucking Georgia—what else am I going to do on a Sunday?

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