Over the last couple of months I haven’t really been getting that much poker time in. The regular Shadyhouse Game has faltered in getting enough people on Fridays lately, and I haven’t been playing in as many sit and go’s online, either. On top of that it’s been a couple months since I’ve sat down at the cash tables. One thing I have been hitting every week, however, is The Wheatie.

Playing in the Wheatie isn’t about making huge sums of money, but it’s a fun group of folks to play with. On general, the quality of play is certainly much better than you’d get in other $10 tourneys, though there are always some who would disagree with that statement. It’s a good group of people to chat with, and, lately, I’ve been having a fair amount of success. I’ve had two double cashes in the last 2 months there, and have been making it pretty far in most weeks.

Last week, things were de-railed and at about 8 PM there was no game posted, so I went and sent in the private tourney request myself. Unfortunately, there is a 1 hour waiting period for private games, so we started about 35 minutes late, and only had a field of 22. I was doing really well, but went out in 6th place or so after I went to war with Top pair, 2nd kicker against the only guy at the table with a larger stack than mine, who had top pair top kicker. It was stupid and unnecessary, but hey, we’re all stupid sometimes, right?

For the 2nd chance we played Razz and had a massive turn out of 8 people. I managed to finish 2nd in that one. What did me in there was an absolutely CRUSHING hand when I was all in with a made seven only to be beat by a slightly better 7. Oof.. that game is a solid kick in the junk sometimes. Anyway, that left me with 4, count em FOUR, chips, so it was all in on the ante next hand and a bust. Razz is fun. I need to play more Razz.

Anyway, tonight is another Wheatie night, so there will be poker today. But really, now that summer is here and the work load is lighter, I should try to get some more time in at the cash tables, as it was a serious revenue stream for me back in January – February. I’m also thinking about giving Full Tilt a try, too. Any one know if there’s an easy way to get funds out of PokerStars and into FT now that Neteller is dead?

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