Bombs from the Moon

So, regarding this whole Mooninite bomb scare fiasco…

I wasn’t going to say anything about it, because at this point many others have basically said the things I would say (such as Mr. Wheaton and others). I think that the whole reaction from Boston, State of Massachusetts, and media outlets was outrageously overblown. Arresting the guys who made the neat little signs is crazy, as well.
Here’s the thing I think is really concerns me, though. What the heck is up with Boston’s Bomb Squad? Are they complete morons? I’ve seen plenty of pictures of these things since yesterday, such as the all of the signs people took and are selling off on ebay. They’re pretty basic. I’d think that it’s pretty clear to anyone with any knowledge of electronics (or, say, bomb making) that these aren’t explosive devices of any type. It was a circuit board, a bunch of LEDs and some D-Cell batteries. Good job on spotting the danger, guys.

Hey Boston… these are the guys that are supposed to protect you from a real threat. Good luck!

2 Responses to “Bombs from the Moon”

  1. A'arab Zaraq Says:

    People in Boston should buy a lot of post it notes and label everything that isn’t a bomb “This Is Not A Bomb.” just so the cops don’t get confused in the future.

  2. Jeremy Says:

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