Yay RA Training!

Somewhere around a few days ago, you may have started to ask yourself, “Where did Mike go?” While it may appear that I’ve disappeared–given that I’ve not been on IM, or posting, or showing up places, or calling people–I am, in fact, still here.

Sort of.

It’s RA training time! This past Sunday, the RAs moved into my gigantic Tower of Doom, and since that time, all of us here in ResLife have been diligently educating them to be the best damned facilitators of community that there ever were. Or something like that.

This has (and will continue) to involve long days of work and lots of crazy activities. For example, last night we went rollerskating. Yeah, that was a great idea. Lets strap these wheels of death to our feet and try to go in a circle! Some of you may remember the ice skating incidient of this past winter. If you do, you’ll undertstand that things like ‘rollerskating’ are a terrible idea when it comes to me.

At least I escaped injury this time.

Despite how all of this might sound, it’s actually pretty exciting. It’s good to have the staff back, even if it comes at the expense of my free time for the next couple of weeks. My job is mostly lame over the summer, but once the students get back.. well, that’s why I’m here. It gives my job a purpose again.

At any rate, until we’ve gotten through arrival (students start showing up on Saturday, but the big arrival day is Wednesday 8/23) and the first weekend of the semester (during which I will be on duty), do not expect to hear a whole lot from me.

I do have to say, though, there may be a big annoucement in the works. It involves something that is Very Neat. Should this go through, you, my dear readers, will be among the first to know. Until then, I will leave you in suspense.

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