I won!

I played in the wwdn blogger tourney this evening. Contrary to what the title of this post might lead you to believe, I did not win the tourney. I finished in 12th place out of 22. [I’d like to note that I got my chips in when I was ahead on the last hand 🙂 ]. Not a horrible finish, but no cash either.

At any rate, I checked back in on the tourney when it was down to the final few folks. After watching for a few minutes, I asked if anyone wanted to make a prop bet on the winner. I got a bite, from PokerStars player meanhappyguy, coincidentally the sir who sent me packing in the tourney. He suggested the stakes of paint image, that would glorify the winner of the bet and the person they chose to win the tourney. He was kind enough to give me 1st and 3rd pick, while taking 2nd and 4th for himself.
Well, wouldn’t ya know it, when it got down to heads up action, the persons left in the tourney were the two I picked to win. MHG’s picks went out in 4th and 5th. As such, I won the bet. And here I post the spoils of my victory. As an aside, to help this make sense to you, my PokerStars handle is”ISS Spock”, and my icon is an image of evil spock Evil Spock from the TOS epsisode Mirror, Mirror.

Behold, my winnings:

image celebrating my victory

Thank you to Meanhappyguy for holding up your end of the bargain. Maybe next week we can try the same sort of bet.

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