Stupid WP hacking

Yesterday, I realized that my site had been compromised. It likely had been for months, but I hadn’t noticed. I noticed after posting a link on twitter about my site being back up, and checked it on my work computer.

The malware that was installed redirected users to sites at * and tried to trick them into installing fake AV software. For some reason, it didn’t appear to affect Firefox, but it redirected IE users. This is why I hadn’t noticed it before. I don’t use IE at home, but I have to at work due to the needs of our main software package.

Anyway, once I found this out I disabled the site. I didn’t have time to look into it last night. I started working on things when I got home today, and finally got things working. I hit a few snags along the way, but things appear to be up and running fine.

The virus infects almost all of the wordpress files and the database, so I had to do a complete reinstall, and inspection of the DB, then a re-import.

Anyway, after all of that, I think I need to turn my brain off for a while and continue my progress through DS9.

Expect a post this weekend. I’m thinking of doing a mini-update to my Highway 301 post, as it appears that those abandoned highway sections have been turned into official nature trails now.

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